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Margaret Grummitt

Striking a balance between protection of our local natural assets and progress of business and good development on the Southern Gold Coast is my primary goal. I am passionate about the Southern Gold Coast and believe it is one of the most unique destinations in the world. Its beaches and hinterland are precious assets which must be protected for the benefit of future generations.

As a resident and rate-payer, you deserve good leadership and a representative with experience and importantly, the tenacity, to ensure the Southern Gold Coast is not overlooked in Council’s future planning. I aim to ensure divisional funds are used to the best advantage, and that means ensuring the benefits are widespread throughout the entire Division 14 community.

Here are some issues that are important to me, and I am sure are important to you.

City Planning:  

The City including Southern Gold Coast has experienced substantial re-development over the last few years due to population growth and interstate migration. Council has been attempting to amend the current City Plan in accordance with public consultation but the State Government has been resisting approval of these amendments. I believe the City requires a new City Plan that recognises the uniqueness of Southern Gold Coast areas (e.g.  Local Area Plans). I have voted for a new City Plan to be created in 2025.

Transport infrastructure:  

Light Rail Stage 4 (Burleigh to Coolangatta via GC Airport) has not yet received approval by Infrastructure Australia nor funding from State or Federal Government. If this State Government project proceeds I see my role as ensuring that detail planning be undertaken with substantial Southern Gold Coast resident and business consultation. I strongly support still the heavy rail being extended to Gold Coast Airport.

Law & Order

I work closely with the local Police and our State Member attending local Neighbourhood Watch and Liquor Accord meetings. Council is also actively involved in supporting police through CCTV networks and Speed Awareness Devices.

Public Parks & Foreshore:  

Over the last eight years I have supported and funded through Division 14 budget upgrades to parks and foreshore areas and I am committed to continuing this work.


I will always support pro-active programs aimed at protecting and preserving our natural assets.